The Glia Tourniquet

The Glia Tourniquet


This tourniquet has been field-tested during active trauma conditions and was created at the request of the Gaza Ministry of Health in 2017. It has been used extensively on trauma patients in Gaza and functions equally to other premium brand tourniquets. The tourniquet was also manufactured and used in Burma/Myanmar during their internal conflict which began in 2021.  

Design: The Glia Tourniquet is a high-quality medical device that controls bleeding on an injured limb. It is proven effective for all body types, including women and children with smaller limb circumference.  

Components: Each tourniquet is composed of plastic parts (4 individual parts per unit), hook and loop tape, and fabric textile belt. 

Manufacturing: The Glia Tourniquet is manufactured in Canada using innovative 3D printing technology. Glia’s facility holds a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL). Manufacturing also takes place at our Glia office in Gaza Strip, which follows the same Health Canada regulations. 

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