The Glia Otoscope
The Glia Otoscope

The Glia Otoscope


Please note, this product takes up to 6 weeks to ship.

The Glia Otoscope is a low-cost, lightweight tool used for assessing the ear canal, tympanic membrane, and nasal canal.

Description: The Otoscope is an essential tool in an Audiologist’s and General Practitioner’s office, used to assess the appearance of the ear and nasal canals and can also be used in assessing hearing issues that may be indicative of other health conditions. The Glia Otoscope provides a low-cost alternative to premium brand Otoscope's which can cost many hundreds of dollars. This cost savings coupled with its lightweight and ergonomic design means the call of healthcare is now within earshot for all medical professionals, whether they be in low resource settings or are simply interested in supporting the open source community.

Components: The Glia Otoscope is made from 16 3D-printed components, an acrylic lens, a switch, and a 5mm LED. It is powered by two AA batteries (included). It also includes a 4.25mm disposable specula.

Cleaning: Clean the Otoscope by wiping surface with a disinfectant wipe.

Manufacturing: The Glia Otoscope is manufactured in Canada, in facility that holds a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) to manufacture Class I devices.

Warranty: Glia will offer a 1 year warranty on the Glia Otoscope except for problems associated with regular wear and tear or harsh use.