The Glia Patreon Fanatic's Catalogue

As promised when you signed up as a Fanatic Patron, we want to offer you one of the following gifts from our custom Fanatic's Collection that we have compiled just for you! 

To learn more about any of the products or experiences below, select the corresponding link.  If you decide this is the item that you would like to select, select the "buy now" option from the corresponding page.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Glia Project!


Glia Stethoscope

Glia's first product to market, the Glia Stethoscope is a lightweight, low-cost device for medical professionals used for the same purposes as traditional stethoscopes.

Glia Tourniquet

The Glia Tourniquet has been used extensively on trauma patients and functions equally to other premium brand tourniquets. The Glia Tourniquet is a high-quality device that controls bleeding on an injured limb and on all body types, including women and children with smaller limb circumference.  

Glia Stainless Steel Tumbler

Glia Stainless Steel Tumbler

Enjoy hot or cold drinks on the go with this stylish Glia Stainless Steel Tumbler! This reusable tumbler with a metal straw is a perfect combo for hot or cold drinks at any time of the day.

Glia Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Glia Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This 17-ounce, double-walled Glia Stainless Steel Water Bottle is perfect for your daily outings. It will keep your drink of choice hot or cold for hours. It also features an odor- and leak-proof cap. Throw it in your car's cup holder on your way to work, take it with you on hikes, or toss it in your bag for any time you get thirsty.

The Glia Eco Tote Bag

Say goodbye to plastic, and bag your goodies in this organic cotton Glia tote bag. There’s more than enough room for groceries, books, and anything in between

Glia Manifesto - Premium Eco Hoodie

Meet the premium Glia Eco Hoodie made of organic and recycled materials. With its comfortable fit, front pouch pocket, and double-layered hood, the hoodie is a classic streetwear piece that can be styled with multiple different looks.

The Fanatic's Glia Workshop - 3D Printing

In the Glia 3D Printing Workshop, you will learn on-site at the Glia lab how to set-up and print an object using Prusa Slicer and a Prusa 3D printer. You will also... (read more)
Glia Experience

Fanatic's Experience - Lunch with a Glia Member

Take this opportunity to meet one-on-one with any one of the available team members.  We can address specific questions you have, discuss current projects that we're working on... (read more)