The Glia Kidney-CAP
The Glia Kidney-CAP
The Glia Kidney-CAP

The Glia Kidney-CAP


The Kidney-CAP, exclusive to Glia, effectively and safely controls fistula bleeding, giving the hemodialysis patient time to call medical response. 



The Kidney-CAP is a Glia-exclusive design. It is placed against the fistula and wrapped with strong medical tape, which stays in place until medical services can evaluate the patient. Directions for use are available for download and included with the packaged device.


The Kidney-CAP is 3D Printed using medical grade plastic that is both skin safe and non-allergenic.  To comes with a standard metal bead lanyard


The Glia Kidney-CAP can be decontaminated by hand washing with a disinfecting soap in warm water.  


The Glia Kidney-CAP is manufactured in Canada, in facility that holds a Class I Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL).


Glia offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase on the Kidney-CAP which covers defects in materials or workmanship.  The warranty excludes problems associated with regular wear and tear or harsh use.  The Kidney-CAP has a 10-year shelf life.


Version 1.0 complete, clinical field-testing in progress


(Coming soon...)


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