Urgent Appeal for Tourniquets to Aid Palestine in the Wake of Unprecedented Bombings

Urgent Appeal for Tourniquets to Aid Palestine in the Wake of Unprecedented Bombings


Glia Gaza's Life-Saving Tourniquets Offer Hope Amidst Rising Casualty Numbers

London, ON - November 14, 2023 - In the face of a devastating conflict that has left Palestine reeling from unprecedented bombings over the past three weeks, the casualty and fatality toll continues to rise. As of November 10th, the Gaza Ministry of Health has reported a staggering 27,490 casualties, with 11,078 individuals succumbing to their injuries. In this dire situation, the demand for tourniquets has reached critical levels, having the capacity to be the decisive factor between survival and fatality for those wounded in the ongoing conflict.

Glia Gaza, a pioneering organization, first introduced its life-saving tourniquets in 2017.  These medical devices have proven to be instrumental during times of crisis, most notably during the Great March of Return in 2018, where 5,969 people were shot with only 2 losing their lives, a remarkably low 0.03% fatality rate. The use of Glia Tourniquets resulted in a significant decrease in casualties, making a marked difference in the number of lives saved during the conflict.

In stark contrast, the current conflict in Palestine has witnessed a surge in casualties and deaths, underscoring the urgent need for additional tourniquets. To address this urgent requirement, Glia Gaza's office in Gaza donated over 1,000 tourniquets just before and at the onset of the conflict. Regrettably, as of October 10, 2023, their operations in Gaza have been severely disrupted due to the bombing which caused extensive damage to Glia's building and its vital solar panels, used to power the facility during blackouts.

In a resilient response to the crisis, Glia's offices in Canada and Poland have undertaken the exclusive production of tourniquets which they intend to personally deliver to Egypt. These tourniquets will be sent with the hope of including them in one of the forthcoming truck convoys destined for Gaza. Glia remains optimistic about donating an additional 500+ tourniquets in the coming weeks, which will be distributed to first responders and hospitals, with the primary goal of saving civilian lives and mitigating the escalating fatality statistics.  Both facilities will continue to manufacture and supply tourniquets to the region while this conflict is ongoing pending Glia Gaza’s office’s ability to resume production.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Glia has launched a crowd-funded campaign at LaunchGood.com/Appeal4Gaza to gather support for the substantial costs associated with tourniquet production, logistics, distribution, and the reconstruction of their Gaza facility. The rebuilding of the facility is essential to ensure that they can continue manufacturing life-saving medical devices locally, thus safeguarding the health and well-being of countless civilians in Palestine.

Internationally, Glia stands committed to making a difference during these trying times and urges individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide to join in their mission to provide critical aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

For more information and to contribute to Glia Gaza's urgent appeal, please visit LaunchGood.com/Appeal4Gaza.


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Damage to Glia’s Gaza Office
Source: Glia Gaza Office – October 10, 2023

Paramedic Applies a Glia Tourniquet on Patient
Source: Glia Gaza Office – October 10, 2023

Glia Tourniquet Donation to Palestine’s EMS
Source: Glia Gaza Office – October 11, 2023
Glia Tourniquet Donation to Palestine’s EMS
Source: Glia Gaza Office – Pre-conflict


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