The Steth of Hope Campaign - with Make a Medic

The Steth of Hope Campaign - with Make a Medic

Make A Medic Glia Stethoscope

In 2021, Glia paired up with Make A Medic in support of their Steth of Hope Campaign. In general, the England based organization aims to support the education of medical students and facilitate public health initiatives in low and middle income countries. The projects they run range from providing medical equipment (such as stethoscopes) to funding training programs.

During our collaboration, enough funds were raised to supply 200 Glia stethoscopes to those in need. These devices were shipped and distributed to fourth year medical students - 100 each at the Egerton University in Kenya and the University of Zambia Medical School. 


Steth of Hope Project 2021

A Doctors First Stethoscope

Make A Medic Students

As all young doctors and medical students will be able to nostalgically recall the moment that they received their first stethoscope, a seminal moment in every medical career, Glia was happy to work with Make A Medic on this project and help these 200 students feel that much closer to becoming a doctor.

As it's not secret, in many parts of the world, essential basic yet primary tools, such as stethoscopes, are not easily accessible or readily available. This can have a major impact on the ability of students to perform clinical examinations, formulate diagnoses, and appropriately manage patients.


One Student's Thank You

“I want to say thank you for the stethoscope. I’ve gotten it from Urvi Bihani. She has written to me: ‘Good luck with the rest of your medical school journey. I hope this stethoscope helps you along the way!’  I want to assure you that it has come in handy and that it will help me a lot in my career and also in my studies. I am really grateful for this kind act and I believe that in the future they will continue the same.

God bless you!”

Joshua Njenga
Egerton Medical School, Kenya

It was a pleasure working with Make a Medic and providing equal care by ensuring 200 soon to be doctors obtained their first stethoscope, a device they otherwise would not have had access to!


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