After a Resounding Success in 2021, Steth-of-Hope is Back!

After a Resounding Success in 2021, Steth-of-Hope is Back!

Syra with Make a Medic

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Dr. Syra Dhillon
Projects Coordinator, Make a Medic


My name is Syra and I’m the projects coordinator at Make a Medic. We are a UK-based charity that aims to support the education of medical students and facilitate public health initiatives in low and middle-income countries. The projects we run range from providing medical equipment (such as stethoscopes) to funding training programs, and more! We are delighted to collaborate with Glia again to distribute up to 600 stethoscopes to medical students at Makerere University in Uganda.


Steth of Hope 2021 Recipients using Glia Stethoscope

Receiving your first stethoscope is a defining moment in the career of any doctor in training. It is an essential piece of equipment that will allow you to conduct thorough clinical examinations, develop reasonable differential diagnoses, and execute management plans to save patients’ lives. However, in resource-limited settings, availability is limited due to costs. Additionally, there is less robust infrastructure to obtain radiological imaging to aid diagnosis and treatment, which heightens the importance of thorough clinical assessment.


In 2021 the project delivered 200 stethoscopes, split between Kenya and Zambia.I had the pleasure of witnessing the impact first-hand from our previous donation to Zambia in June this year. 

I visited the University of Zambia medical students who use the Glia stethoscopes on a weekly basis in their practical skills lab.Steth-of-Hope 2021 Recipients using Glia Stethoscopes The dean of the medical school informed me that between 40 and 50% of students are unable to afford a personal stethoscope, so having the donated ones available is incredibly useful and important. In this scheduled time, they practice their examination and clinical skills throughout years 3 to 6 of medical school, to prepare them for life on the wards and beyond. During my visit, the students were conducting a peer-led mock practical exam to prepare them for upcoming exams!

It is clear that donations like these are still required. The advance of medical technology, though welcome, has done little to weaken or override the place of the stethoscope in effective clinical practice. Please consider donating to our initiative:


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Steth-of-Hope Testimonial
Steth-of-Hope 2021 Testimonial
Steth-of-Hope 2021 Testimonial

Together let's create the same impact in Uganda, as we did in Kenya and Zambia in 2021.  Please consider donating and sharing the 2023 Steth-of-Hope Campaign today!  


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