The Majority Report: Dr. Tarek Loubani on the current state in Gaza

The Majority Report: Dr. Tarek Loubani on the current state in Gaza

Episode 3280: "Billionaires Attack NLRB & Gaza Doctor Abducted w/ Seth Goldstein & Dr, Tarek Loubani"

Podcast Hosted by: Sam Seder  Co-Host: Emma Vigeland  


Sharing the stage with Seth Goldstein and host Sam Seder, at 50:15 - 1:32:00 of this podcast Emma Vigeland speaks with Dr. Tarek Loubani, associate professor at the University of Western Ontario and Medical Director of the Glia Project. 

First, parsing through his experience doing humanitarian and medical work in Gaza over the last decade, and touching on his experiences during Gaza’s Great March of Return in 2018, which saw thousands of Gazans shot during peaceful and civil demonstrations against their conditions, including Dr. Loubani himself. Next, Loubani assesses the complete devastation of Gaza’s medical care during Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of the region, with Israel’s active attacks on both medical institutions and medical personnel setting a new standard for depraved warfare, also exploring the harrowing and devastating realities of genocide and apartheid on the ground, from both a medical and broader perspective.

Tarek also discusses his experiences at Al-Shifa Hospital, and unpacks the insane claim that Hamas could operate its military out of overpacked and overwhelmed medical centers, before wrapping up by addressing the active culpability and complicity of the West and the need to hold our politicians accountable.


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